Convention & Exhibition Centers

Convention & Exhibition Centers

Flexible Convention & Exhibition Center Software

exhibition center software - convention center software systemYour event businesses requires a convention & exhibition center software system that can provide transparency and flexibility to your entire team. A software solution that can help you sell space, reduce the amount of spreadsheets and Word documents used by your staff, and can create instant transparency across the organization when last minute changes to an event are made.

Only Ungerboeck Software delivers a complete solution that includes room booking, logistics, facility maintenance, and event financials capable of driving accuracy and efficiency that single-purpose event and venue management software programs simply can’t provide.

You need an approach that translates into documented and game-changing processes that reduce glitches, relieve staff stress, make training and execution easier. This is how our customers increase revenue; while preventing those common headaches and stressful situations from turning into embarrassing customer moments.

A Complete Convention & Exhibition Center Management System

Manage Your Convention & Exhibition Center From Front To Back

When your entire staff, from sales and event planning to operations and accounting, is working from a single system, you can keep track of the many moving parts involved in booking, planning and executing events in real time. No more individual processes, spreadsheets, or strange Word documents.

Having one dynamic easy-to-use software system allows your sales team to move quicker and deploy a sales process that can directly improve sales performance. It also makes process adoption and training new staff easier and more efficient than ever before. No longer will new employees be taught disconnected systems and processes. Everything is in one place.

And...on event day, you can quickly capture last minute changes, like orders for additional goods and services, and add those items to the event order instantly with no need to move outside of the system to do so.

Pull information straight from the client file into booking, manage space & services, automatically generate work orders, communicate to relevant staff and even generate invoices – without ever inputting information twice or trying to import from system to system.  

A Complete Management Software System

  • Not only can you see where clients are in the sales pipeline, you (or anyone using the software) can view their history & preferences, accounts receivable status, all related client documents at a glance – to better answer questions and identify upsell opportunities quickly.
  • Keep track of equipment, services and other event management details, and proactively offer items to help events run more smoothly, so your best clients come back again and again.
  • Track payments and expenses on screen by the minute using a customizable dashboard. No more waiting for databases to sync overnight.
  • Set up templates for standard event planning or copy entire schedules for recurring events, which saves time and helps your team work smarter.
  • In some cases, the financial software package you’re using costs the same as what you spend on your events software. By having both features in one system, you save by not having to purchase and support different software packages. Plus, Ungerboeck is the only solution in the market with audit-ready financials.
  • The software adapts to the way you do business, all the way down to the individual user level. No need to change your workflows or even the terms you use – and that means there’s no need for extensive training or downtime to get your team up and running.


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