Exhibitor Service Center

Powered by Ungerboeck’s best-in-class venue management software and an easy, intuitive front-end design, Exhibitor Service Center is a specialized e-commerce product that rises to the challenges of exhibitor sales with style and functionality.

Increase the Volume & Value of Exhibitor Orders

exhibitor service center venuesPresent items and offerings via a beautiful, branded website with a familiar, Amazon-like user experience. Recommended additions, related upgrades and bundled packages make upsells easy and natural, while the ability to designate featured items draws attention to best-sellers and offerings with higher profit margins.

Improve Communication with Exhibitors

Cut down on time-intensive back and forth by providing easy access to important exhibitor information like deadlines for advance and standard pricing cutoffs, detailed item descriptions and downloadable instructions.

Streamline Communication with Operations

Work orders placed through Exhibitor Service Center are immediately available in both the Ungerboeck database and to the operations team. Cut confusion and the need for duplicate data entry with a true connection between account management, exhibitor records, invoicing, inventory and more.

Transform Exhibitor Sales from Reactive to Proactive

Create multiple sites, specifically branded for each show with dynamic inventory and pricing per show or exhibitor with the Premium Show Sites extended edition. The transformation is complete with the added ability to import exhibitor lists to facilitate pre-show outreach.

Create a One-Stop Shopping Experience

Feature both in-house and third-party services through one, all-encompassing site via the Marketplace extended edition. An easy-to-use supplier portal effectively closes the communication loop with established suppliers, creating a virtually hands-off stream of new revenue.


Success Stories

Boise Centre

Boise Centre chooses one, single airtight system for all event management needs

Bass Performance Hall

Ungerboeck for Venues Flex Edition gives a thriving entertainment venue the functionality they need now and for the future

Holthus Convention Center

A compressive event and venue management solution meets a new convention center's growing needs


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