Reporting & Integration
Event Managements & Operations Software


Experience business breakthroughs with the most accessible, reliable data possible using Ungerboeck Software’s reporting technology

Ungerboeck provides excellent, customizable reporting and integration capabilities. Your employees can be more productive because we’ve made our reporting customizable and user-friendly, so it won’t take a technical expert or an outside vendor to view or extract reports.

With all information stored in one place, executives can make better strategic and tactical decisions in real time, using historical and predictive information. Generating user-defined fields and reports, you can put data to every aspect of your business to discover and insights and opportunities for your profitability.


Ungerboeck provides a personalizable and easy-to-use end user reporting. Thanks to a full integration of your event and CRM data, you have all the tools to generate quick and accurate reports, which helps you make well-informed decisions.

  • Sorting, Totaling & Grouping
  • Standard Reports
  • Closed Loop Reporting
  • Define Custom Formulas
  • Share Personal Views & Reports
  • Personalize User Interfaces
  • Advanced Reporting


Ungerboeck produces clean and audit-ready financial data and lets you pull relevant reports in no time.

  • Event Profit & Loss
  • Audit-Ready Financial Statements
  • Customer Profitability
  • Cost & Profit Center Reporting
  • Advanced Insights
  • Opportunity Development



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